Why Piano Moving Companies Are Different Than Normal Moving Companies

There are many things that make moving companies unique. Among the many factors that distinguish them include their management team, the vision of the business, their core values and so much more. A very enterprising segment of this niche is the inclusion of piano moving companies. They have a detailed plan for executing their services and it is definitely not an all-comers affair. In order to shed more light about their dynamic service range, we will be looking at four reasons why piano moving companies are different than normal moving companies.

Picture_of_a_piano_for_beginnersUnique market – Piano moving companies do not handle any other type of project than the movement of Pianos. They have a rich expertise in advising clients about the best way to move their unique music instrument to any location of their choice. The focus of these businesses has helped to ensure that there is no mishap in the process of transporting the piano. It is on record that very large-sized pianos have been moved by companies in this range with ease. This makes them different from the conventional moving companies that do not have a clear-cut target when they are called upon to deliver their service.

Personnel – It is not everyone that serves in a normal moving company that can serve in a piano moving business. There are many instances where the bar is dropped in order to accommodate the demands in the normal moving businesses. The higher the number of clients they have to serve; the more they quickly recruit any able person to work with them. This is different from what obtains in the piano moving company. They give extensive training to their staff to ensure that they meet the yearnings of their exclusive customers. Also, most piano moving companies try to have a longer retainer agreement with their staff.

A black piano that was moved recently by a local companyTransport Mechanism – Due to the peculiarity of the Piano, the instrument is not moved carelessly. There is a special kind of material that is used to wrap the Piano before it is moved into the truck for transportation. Also, the way the instrument is packed; it is organized in such a way that there is no dent on the body of the Piano. The speed limit of those who transport the Piano is often slower than those who serve in conventional moving companies. On the average, it takes a medium to large size truck to move a Piano but the normal moving companies can use a small truck depending on the need of their clients.

Passion – It is not out of place to find a staff of a Piano moving company that has an above average knowledge of this musical instrument. Although, this is not a given, it helps them to bond with the clients that they serve. Most Pianos represent family history, culture and tradition. People prefer to use a moving company that knows the worth of the Piano. This is where passion comes in. The individuals who work in a Piano moving company celebrate the legacy of each Piano and delightfully help to transport it to the client’s place of choice.