Why a Clean Cage is Essential to the Hedgehog’s Health and Wellbeing

A clean cage is crucial for the wellbeing and health of your hedgehog. A cage that stinks to the high heavens to humans is equally deplorable to these animals. After all, hedgehogs have a better and more enhanced sense of small compared to humans. A secret worth knowing is this – buy a cage that’s easy to clean. Otherwise, you will have a difficult time keeping the cage in pristine condition for your pet. Consequently, you will have problems keeping the pet happy which would be terrible news if you brought the hedgehog home to provide companionship.

Picture of a clean hedgehog cageCleanliness is the Secret to a Happy Pet
A clean cage translates into a happy pet. A hedgehog, just as it’s the case with any other animal, is quite sensitive about cleanliness. The pet needs to live in clean surroundings. If it could, the hedgehog would rather do the cleaning to avoid the stench that emanates from the cage at times. The pet is intelligent enough to designate specific places for storage, sleeping and bathroom use. Therefore, all the cleaning you do must be with the health and wellbeing of your pet in mind. Avoid using cleaning materials that might be hazardous to the pet’s health and life.

Daily vs. Weekly Cleaning Tasks
Some of the tasks you can do daily to keep the pet’s surroundings clean include:

  1. Getting rid of the wet spots you see on the pet’s bedding or litter
  2. Changing the overly soiled bedding or litter
  3. Emptying and washing the pet’s food bowl with warm water and some mild soap
  4. Emptying and washing the pet’s water bottle with warm water and a tiny amount of mild soap

Cute animal being heldSimilarly, some of the tasks worth doing on a weekly basis include:

  1. Removing and replacing all bedding or litter
  2. Washing and disinfecting the cage’s bottom using non-toxic cleaners and deodorizers
  3. Washing and disinfecting all hedgehog cage accessories

Clean Looks, Fresh Smell
Keep the cleaning exercise as simple as possible. Avoid overcomplicating things. The goal is to ensure the cage looks and smells fresh. It’s unwise to clean the cage while leaving the pet unclean and smelly. The best approach is to clean the cage and the pet at the same time. Failure to heed this warning would guarantee the cage is getting dirty soon enough. The hedgehog deserves frequent baths. Therefore, use some safe, fragrant sprays to ensure the pet is not only clean but also has a pleasant smell. You will have a much happier pet by doing this.
Lastly, do not forget to invest in an exercise pen or a few traveling cages. You need these supplies to keep your pet in a while cleaning the hedgehog cage. It takes a short time to clean an empty cage. Furthermore, you’re likely to do an excellent job of cleaning the cage with the hedgehog out rather than inside. Remember, the most important reason for cleaning the cage – without forgetting the pet – is to keep the hedgehog healthy and in good spirits. Cleaning the hedgehog cage guarantees you a hedgehog that brightens your days by being a true companion