Is Losing Weight Really a Competitive Advantage For Employees?

One of the age-long battles that man has face has to do with his body weight. At the onset, people did not tie this issue to other aspects of life. However, the discoveries are beginning to show that weight can affect our social life, career and health. Interestingly, a recent survey was done to capture the influence of a person’s weight on their career and the findings are quite revealing. It was discovered that fit, healthy individuals weighing in at the appropriate weight outperform their overweight colleagues on a scale of 6 to 1. This is quite astounding because many will argue that weight has nothing to do with staff productivity.

Corporate WellnessThe study stated that individuals who had an ideal body weight were often disciplined people that took part in exercises. According to the report, some workers stated that they use the 2 week diet to keep fit. This means that it is not the natural propensity to grow fat that affected people’s weight; it was their personal choices that determined the outcome. A closer look at the survey revealed that people in certain industries had a weight challenge when compared to other industries. For example, people who wanted to take the Japanese Sumo Wrestling Career path had to put on weight. This means it was a norm to add weight if one wants to perform creditably well.

On the other hand, those who served in conventional jobs were seen to be sluggish in carrying out their duty if they put on so much weight. A few companies have enacted policies that help people to keep tabs with their weight. Some of them offer after-hours gym sessions to help their employees stay fit. Others have introduced the use of apps to share health tips with their colleagues. In all, there are certain weight levels that were considered undesirable if someone wants to carry out certain functions. For example, the study revealed that people who served as waitresses and bar tenders usually had a small body weight.

Despite the advancements in research, there is the need to highlight certain physiological factors such as childbirth. A few career women had to deal with excess body fat after they gave birth to their children. This was shown to be an unavoidable curve that some individuals will have to pass through. The way of judging the performance of these staff was based on their output when they had not given birth. A particular window was given to them in order to allow them get back to good health. Many companies show a human face in allowing their staff get the ideal weight in order to perform well.

The study revealed that those with less body weight are more productive at work. In a bid help people take a wise path, the survey recommended tools such as the 2 week diet program to help people get their lives back on track. There are so many things that can make someone to be overweight but the survey showed that people have a role to determine what happens to their body.