The top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Companies in the country: Bathroom Remodeling Long Island, The Best Bathroom Remodeling Company, Excel Bathroom Remodeling Company, Best Designs Bathroom Remodeling Company, and My Choice Bathroom Remodeling Company, have all teamed up to host this year’s Bathroom Remodeling Gala Nite.

The annual gala nite which holds around spring showcases the best designs in bathroom remodeling the industry has got to offer. This year’s gala nite will have the CEO of Bathroom Remodeling Company, Shaw Goosling as host. The gala will hold on Friday, March 3, 2017, at the town’s Civic Center.

Picture of fully renovated bathroomTop local artistes and notable citizens of the town are expected to grace the event which promises to top previous editions. The local organizing committee are leaving no stone upturned in order to make this year’s gala the best ever.

On, the Bathroom Remodeling Long Island website had so much information to share. The CEO of the company and host of this year’s gala took time to post how excited he was to be chosen as this year’s host.

In his words, “It gives me great joy to be nominated as the host of Bathroom Remodeling Gala Nite 2017.This year’s gala promises to be the best ever yet and I look forward to pitching in my own bit to make the hardwork and commitment of the local organizing committee worth the while.”

His message on bathroom remodeling Long Island website has been well received by the crème de la crème of the industry. The countdown is on and the participants gearing to go.

Part of the excitement of the gala nite is the awards that will be given out to bathroom remodeling companies who have been seen to promote the standing of the industry in the eyes of the public. This awards recognition is to encourage bathroom remodeling companies to keep the flag flying high in making the public appreciate the importance of the industry.

Industry giants and keen observers of happenings in the bathroom remodeling industry are eager to know the company that will grab the award of “emerging bathroom remodeling company of the year 2017.” This award which involves only the companies that sprang up within the past one year, was created to acknowledge startup companies which made a positive impact in the industry.

Nominees for the 2017 emerging bathroom remodeling company of the year are: Projess Bathroom Remodeling Company, Soanky Bathroom Remodeling Company, and Shining Star Bathroom Remodeling Company.

Other awards like the Lifetime Achievers Award and the Bathroom Remodeling Company of the Year will also be given out.

Bathroom remodeling is the in thing presently. With different designs out in the market and more creative designers springing up each and every day, the sky can only be the starting point. Gala nites are expected to spur bathroom remodeling companies to do more aesthetically in order to generate the much needed buzz for the industry.

The stage is set, and the performers pumped up to light up the stage. The expected large turnout is evidence of a gala nite that will not be forgotten soon.